Aloha, Military Families & Students (AMFAS)

Excellent information about Hawaii schools is available in various locations, e.g. web sites, on site at schools, military organizations, etc. To ease the school transition stresses for students and parents relocating to Hawaii, a vehicle was needed to provide critical information as early in the Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move as possible. Prior to arrival, newly arriving parents have 'survival' needs to address (e.g. transportation, finding a home, enrolling in school, etc.) that make it unrealistic to attend an information session immediately upon arrival.

One of the best ways to reach families is electronically (e.g. web sites, interactive CDs, etc.) and through groups with access to newly arriving families, e.g. School Liaison Officers (SLO), sponsors, Family Service/Support Centers, spouse support groups (Ombudsman, Key Wives, Senior Spouses, etc.).

A critical element is to ensure that parents are aware of a knowledgeable point of contact that links the families to the correct source for school information, e.g. SLOs.

This web site has been developed by the School Liaison Offices of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines in Hawaii in cooperation with the Hawaii State Department of Education. It is intended to be an information center for military families enrolling children in Hawaii public schools.

Please contact the Joint Venture Education Forum (JVEF) by email with suggestions and comments to make this web site more informative, timely, and useful. (Click on the JVEF logo in upper left corner for email connection to one of the School Liaison Offices).

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