Council of State Governments (CSG)

Challenging times present many opportunities for innovation. The current economic crisis is no exception. The Council of State Governments was founded during the Great Depression and for more than 75 years, CSG has worked hard to provide state leaders with what they need to succeed in difficult times. The members of CSG include every elected and appointed state and territorial official in the United States. Through our committees and task forces, supported by our exceptional team of policy and research specialists, we consider and make recommendations on promising approaches to public policy.

We are a strictly nonpartisan organization that brings state leaders together to share capitol ideas, providing them the chance to learn valuable lessons from each other. We also foster innovation in state government and shine a spotlight on examples of how ingenuity and leadership are transforming the way state government serves residents of the states and territories. We believe the states and territories are the vibrant laboratories of democracy and all states can benefit from a robust dialogue among state leaders.

CSG is a diverse and energetic organization. We work primarily through our headquarters and regional offices to advance our mission but it is also through the work of our valued affiliate organizations that many state leaders access CSG. CSG is also a respected voice for the states to the federal government as we advocate for the interests of the states in Washington, D.C. The work we do would not be possible without the support of our member states and the private sector associates who invest in our success. We are grateful for this support and are always looking for ways to collaborate and partner with other organizations to better serve state leaders and the citizens they represent.

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