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Established in 1906 as the Big Island's first high school, Hilo High continues its rich traditions of Viking Excellence and Viking Pride as we prepare for our Centennial Celebration in September 2006. Hilo High now serves the families of nine elementary and intermediate feeder schools in the north Hilo area. The gathering of so many diverse communities results in a warm and open campus environment. In addition to our main campus, we serve students at two branch campuses: Lanakila Alternative Learning Center, and our Hawaiian Language Immersion Program, Ke Kula O' Nawahiokalani'opu'u.

Hilo High offers a comprehensive program of academics and student activities as well as a JROTC program. Course offerings range from Advanced Placement and Gifted/Talented courses to Career and Technical Education offerings for all six Career Pathways. Our strong visual and performing arts program includes the Performing Arts Learning Center, which serves both Vikings and students from surrounding schools. Performances include student-composed dramas, comedies and music. Other successful programs include the Business Education Partnership program, Ku Ha'aheo, and our HELCO Internship partnership. HHS is part of The Century Project, funded by the Foundation for Excellent Schools. Student activities include award-winning service clubs such as the Key and Kiwin Clubs, Japanese Club, and Jr. Greenpeace. Student achievement honors include state and national awards in competitions such as the Science Quiz Bowl, Japan Bowl, Robotics, the Electron Marathon, Academic Decathlon (13 consecutive state wins and 9th in the nation) and JROTC Honor Unit (8 consecutive years). HHS fielded 33 boys and girls athletic teams in 19 sports, and 51% of our student athletes have 3.0 or higher GPAs.

The entire Hilo High campus received a $2.4 million renovation in 2003-04 and improvements continue to be made. Our computer labs offer a variety of opportunities to incorporate technology into learning, and the recently updated school website (www.hilohs.k12.hi.us) offers a wealth of information about the school.

Hilo High has transitioned to governance by a School Community Council. The Parent, Community, Teacher, Classified Staff, and Student constituencies have elected representatives who work with the principal as our decision making body after training in the summer of 2005.

HHS was accredited in 2005 for a six-year period by the Western Association of Schools & Colleges. The term reflects the strengths of our programs, staff and student body, and the depth and honesty of our recently completed Focus on Learning self-study. Alumni and community support remains strong through organizations such as the HHS Foundation, as well as alumni and community organizations and business partners.

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School Information

General Information

Address 556 Waianuenue Avenue

City Hilo

Island Hawaii

Zip 96720

Grade From Gr 9

Grade To Gr 12

Contact Person Robert Dircks

Phone # 808 974-4021

Fax # 808 974-4036

Website http://www.hilohs.k12.hi.us

Number of Teachers 95

Number of Students 1399

District Name Hawaii

Complex Area Name Hilo-Laupahoehoe-Waiakea

Complex Name Hilo

School Code 355

School Name Short Hilo High

Military Impacted No

Map and Directions

News and Updates

News and Updates

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Hilo High School Band

Students who enroll in band participate in various aspects of band and must be willing to make a significant commitment of time and energy beyond class time. In Marching Band, students practice marching techniques and prepare for and perform in the Christmas parades (downtown and at the mall), half-time shows and the Merrie Monarch Parade. Marching Band also plays for the Hawaii Heart Association walk and does a JROTC full military review. Hilo High School is one of the few schools west of the Rockies that does the full military review. The Pep Band participates in football and basketball games. Sometimes, the pep band plays at "away games" held on the Big Island.

The Concert Band practices concert repertoire and performs several times during the year at the Hilo High Auditorium and the Civic. Concert band travels annually to Oahu for adjudications. Adjudications are competitions judged by 3 or 4 college professors. The Concert Band has performed in Washington, D.C., Orlando, Florida, and at Carnegie Hall in New York. We are planning a trip to San Francisco or Washington, D.C. for adjudications.

Students interested in Jazz Band can sign up for the course which meets in the morning before school begins. Jazz Band focuses on jazz and pop rock styles and performs many times during the year. Jazz Band also does adjudications off-island and has submitted tapes for the Lincoln Center jazz competition the past two years.

The Brass Quintet, Quartet, and Sextet are comprised of hand selected players from the brass section. We also have a Clarinet Choir which performs at the Christmas concert.

The Orchestra is still in its growing stages. At this time, the class includes only string players though winds and percussion are added during the concerts.

Depending on the musical selected by the Performing Arts Learning Center, various musicians are selected to form a band or orchestra to provide accompaniment for the musical.


Hilo High School Ambassadors

Ambassadors is a singing group formed of advance music students. Participation is by audition. Ambassadors perform at various community events and school functions. Hilo High School was a finalist in 2000 in the Grammy School Awards for overall excellence in high school music programs.


Hilo High School


Hilo High School PALC (Performing Arts Learning Center)

Depending on the musical selected by the Performing Arts Learning Center, various musicians are selected to form a band or orchestra to provide accompaniment for the musical.
The Performing Arts Learning Center, recognized as a Center of Excellence by the DOE, offers an after-school program open to all students in grades 9-12. This program is designed to allow interested students the opportunity of experiencing all aspects of theater through the production of public performances. Students may choose to take up to four years of sequential study. Credits earned will be applied towards the BOE diploma. Auditions are mandatory for first year students.

Due to the nature of PALC, some after school, evening and weekend attendance is required. Students who register for PALC must be able to provide their own transportation to and from the program. Attending the fall registration is also required at the beginning of the school year.


Hilo High School


Hilo High School JROTC (Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps)

JROTC (Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps.) is fun, challenging and provides the young student the opportunity to develop his or her leadership and management skills.

JROTC's mission is "To Motivate Young People to Be Better Citizens." Overall the curriculum teaches the following:
* Good Citizenship and Patriotism
* Self Reliance, Leadership and Responsiveness
* An ability to think logically and to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
* A cooperative spirit essential for teamwork
* An appreciation for the importance of physical fitness and maintaining good health *An appreciation for physical fitness and wellness

All of the JROTC instructors are retired active duty service members. These instructors are federally certified and then hired by the Department of Education.

JROTC has many benefits. Each year the Cadets travel for "Spring Camp" to Honolulu courtesy of the Active Army. Once there they join the 900 High School Cadets from throughout the state to participate in exciting activities that include rappelling off a 60 foot tower, rope bridge construction, land navigation (orienteering), leadership reaction course, recreational activities, first aid, water survival techniques, and rafting and physical training. The Army pays for the round trip airfare. Cadets make friendships at Spring Camp that last a lifetime.

JROTC offers the opportunity to join "Special Teams" such as the Drill Team, Color Guard Team, and Raiders. These teams have off-island competitions that involve other state and private JROTC units. Cadets participate in annual parades, Veteran ceremonies, Military Ball (formal dinner and dance), annual formal inspections, camp outs, etc.

Cadets that decide to enter one of the military services enter at a higher rank and pay. Cadets may earn Four Year Senior ROTC scholarships at numerous colleges throughout the United States. These scholarships pay for tuition, room, and board, books and provide a monthly stipend starting at $250.00 freshman year, increasing to $400.00 per month senior year.



Summary of Progress

Hilo High School Summary of Progress

Hilo High School's Summary of Progress Report shows how teaching, learning and assessments are being based and aligned to Hawaii State Standards and Benchmarks. It summarizes progress made in accomplishing school improvement goals.

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Student Profile

Hilo High School Student Profile

Hilo High School's Student Profile describes the school's Fall Enrollment, Number and Percent of students enrolled for the entire school year, Number and Percent of students receiving free or reduced-cost lunch, Number and Percent of students in Special Education programs, Number and Percent of students with Limited English Proficiency and Percent of Kindergarteners who attended Preschool.

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Ethnicity Statistics

Hilo High School Ethnicity Statistics

Hilo High School's Ethnicity report focuses on giving the number and percent of students enrolled by race. It describes the population of the 13 common races as well as other foreign races usually enrolled in a school.

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Hilo High School Ethnicity By Race

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Enrollment Statistics

Hilo High School Enrollment Statistics

Hilo High School's Enrollment Statistics shows the no. of students enrolled in each year. Animated graph is used to easily determine how enrollment fluctuates every year.



Hilo High School Facilities

Hilo High School's facility report shows total number and shortage of classrooms if any. It also shows comprehensive condition of the facilities like building exterior, building interior, grounds, sanitation etc. through its Inspection rating.

School Facilities are considered inadequate if below 70%; marginal if between 70% and 99%; and in excess of state standard if above 100%. School population is placed into size categories and is used in formulas to determine State standards for space.

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Hilo High School Facilities

Hilo High School Inspection Rating

For each category:
1 = Unacceptable; 2 = Satisfactory; 3 = Very Good

For Total:
6-8 = Unacceptable;
9-15 = Satisfactory;
16-18 = Very Good

Hilo High School Adequacy of School's Space Compared with State Standards

School facilities are considered inadequate if below 70%; marginal if between 70% and 99%; and in excess of state standard if above 100%. School population is placed into size categories and is used in formulas to determine State standards for space.

Attendance & Absences

Hilo High School Attendance & Absences

Hilo High School's Attendance & Absences shows the average daily attendance and average daily absences compared to the State Standard.

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Hilo High School Retention

Hilo High School's Retention is also included in this report where it shows the percent(%) of students retained in every school year.

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Hilo High School Suspensions

Hilo High School's Suspension report shows the number of students being suspended. Offenses are categorized into "Class" depending on the nature of violation committed. Class - D, for light violation and Class - A for grave offense.

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Examples of class of suspension:
Class A: Burglary, robbery, sale of dangerous drugs
Class B: Disorderly conduct, trespassing
Class C: Class cutting, insubordination, smoking
Class D: Contraband (e.g. possession of tobacco)

Certified Staff

Hilo High School Certified Staff

Hilo High School's Certified Staff report includes Teaching Staff, Professional Teacher Credentials, Students per Teaching Staff and Administrative and Student Services Staff. It gives details on teacher headcount, teacher in regular and special instruction, no. of teachers serving the school for more than 5 years, no. of fully licensed teachers, librarians and counsellors.

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Test Scores Statistics

Hilo High School Test Scores Statistics

Hilo High School's Test scores covers Hawaii Content and Performance Standards (HCPS) and SAT9/TerraNova. Scores are given based on the grade level and the no. of students tested in a given year.

Test Scores Summary | View School Year › | Grade Level ›

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