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Holomua Elementary School, home of the Voyagers, opened on August 2, 1996 as Leeward's first ""high tech"" school and the first school designed on Oahu as a Year-Round Multi-Track School. Today, we are the largest elementary school in the state with an enrollment of over 1400 students. The school community includes residents from West Loch Estates, West Loch Fairways and Ewa Gentry East.

Our staff has made a strong commitment to provide a positive climate for learning in which all students can reach their fullest potential in academics, attitudes, health and the arts. In language arts, through Kathy Au's Standards –Based Change Process, our teachers have developed "I Can" statements and created grade level rubrics for our writing and reading curriculum. We will continue to improve our curriculum through Heidi Hayes Jacobs' Curriculum Mapping and Jay McTighe's unit design process.

In August 2004, our faculty chose Everyday Math as our new math series. Our teachers have also created constructed response rubrics and a math curriculum guide for each grade level. This year, we will begin implementation of FOSS as our school-wide science program.

Technology continues to be an integral part of our curriculum. Along with a lab housing 30 computers, each classroom has 6 computers on a local area network. Students in grades K-6 use PLATO Learning, an individualized skill-building program for math and language arts. Other curriculum areas are being addressed through our integrated thematic units, guidance programs such as Families and Tribes, library program, and music program /Performing Arts.

We continue to build our parent/community partnerships through a number of activities such as our Ohana Fair, Pumpkin Carving Night and a number of parent workshops. Our PTSA continues to be an integral part of our school community. Through their fundraising efforts over the years, they have provided our school with playground equipment, technology equipment, and much needed classroom supplies. Holomua also has a number of very positive partnerships with various community businesses and a very successful military partnership with the USS Crommelin.

Holomua has been a School/Community Based-Management school since 1997. A School Community Council is now in place to ensure that all stakeholders, including community members, have input in the continuous improvement of Holomua Elementary.

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School Information

General Information

Address 91-1561 Keaunui Drive

City Ewa Beach

Island Oahu

Zip 96706

Grade From K

Grade To Gr 6

Contact Person Norman Pang

Phone # 808 685-2000

Fax # 808 685-2003

Website http://www.holomua.k12.hi.us

Number of Teachers 83

Number of Students 1404

District Name Leeward

Complex Area Name Campbell-Kapolei

Complex Name Campbell

School Code 280

School Name Short Holomua El

Military Impacted No

Map and Directions

News and Updates

News and Updates

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Holomua Elementary School School Rise Enlightened Teaching

SchoolRise is an educator-run company that helps schools implement a system for improving student achievement through standards. SchoolRise uses a research-based approach called the Standards-Based Change Process. This process has been shown to raise student achievement scores on state reading tests in Hawaii and Chicago.


Holomua Elementary School Reader Uplift

Holomua's Reader Uplift is a short term (12 week) reading tutoring program to be used as an intervention for struggling readers in grades 1 and 2 who are not reading on grade level. Students are serviced 3 times per week for 30 minutes and work on decoding/ comprehension strategies.


Holomua Elementary School Achieve 3000

Achieve 3000s vision is to reach every learner - whether mainstream, Special Education, ELL, or Gifted and Talented - and inspire each one to achieve unprecedented personal academic success.
ONE ON ONE instructional support scientifically matched to each student's reading level enables progress towards reading proficiency at a pace that fosters success
Powered by a proprietary software engine, and our LevelSet


Holomua Elementary School Imagine Learning

Imagine Learning English, a computer-based instructional program, teaches children English and develops their literacy skills faster and better than any other method. Students receive one-on-one instruction through hundreds of engaging activities specifically designed to meet their individual needs, so they progress quickly. Best of all, Imagine Learning English is fun for students and easy for teachers!

The Imagine Learning Team is comprised of educators, writers, artists, programmers, videographers, and musicians who have been producing outstanding educational software for decades. The curriculum is founded on scientifically based research and No Child Left Behind guidelines, combined with captivating art and music, and delivered through computer technology. The program uniquely tailors the curriculum to each student's ability, allowing progress at an individually appropriate rate.


Holomua Elementary School Everyday Mathematics

Students of Holomua Elementary will have an appreciation for math as they apply the strategies necessary to make them competent problem solvers and critical thinkers to be successful in this ever changing world.

Everyday Mathematics is an enriched, comprehensive, and balanced mathematics curriculum for grades Pre-K-6. Developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project and based on extensive research, teacher input and field-testing, Everyday Mathematics teaches the basics . . . and a whole lot more. Students learn computational skills as well as a broad range of mathematics concepts including data and probability, geometry and spatial sense, measures and measurement, algebra and uses of variables. Used in over 175,000 classrooms and with over 2.8 million students, Everyday Mathematics has a proven legacy of success. Districts from all over the country have reported strong evidence of dramatic improvement student achievement and test scores.


Holomua Elementary School Problem Solver

The series provides 10 logical and easy to apply approaches to problem solving, with challenging practice problems that allow students to choose, apply, and reexamine appropriate strategies. The materials can be used to supplement the regular math program.


Holomua Elementary School FOSS (Full Option Science System)

Students of Holomua Elementary will apply the scientific inquiry process and critical thinking skills to explore and understand their environment, whichwill help them to become problem solvers and complex thinkers in the world around them.

FOSS is a research-based science program for grades K


Holomua Elementary School Peason Scott Foresman Program



Holomua Elementary School Kidphysics

Kidphysics is a science standards-based program aligned with the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards. It is not meant to be used as a supplemental program as it was designed to teach all the science standards for 6th grade.


Holomua Elementary School PLATO

In 2003, Holomua acquired an online software program called PLATO Learning. PLATO enhances student learning by reinforcing skills in reading, language arts and math based on individual need. It also promotes phonemic awareness for lower grade students. PLATO Learning has made a commitment not only to its children, but supports Holomua's teachers by providing annual technology scholarships.


Holomua Elementary School FOCUS



Holomua Elementary School Achieve Now

PLATO Achieve Now K


Holomua Elementary School Music Program

Holomua's music program uses the Orff Schulwerk Process, which uses the following music techniques:



Summary of Progress

Holomua Elementary School Summary of Progress

Holomua Elementary School's Summary of Progress Report shows how teaching, learning and assessments are being based and aligned to Hawaii State Standards and Benchmarks. It summarizes progress made in accomplishing school improvement goals.

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Student Profile

Holomua Elementary School Student Profile

Holomua Elementary School's Student Profile describes the school's Fall Enrollment, Number and Percent of students enrolled for the entire school year, Number and Percent of students receiving free or reduced-cost lunch, Number and Percent of students in Special Education programs, Number and Percent of students with Limited English Proficiency and Percent of Kindergarteners who attended Preschool.

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Ethnicity Statistics

Holomua Elementary School Ethnicity Statistics

Holomua Elementary School's Ethnicity report focuses on giving the number and percent of students enrolled by race. It describes the population of the 13 common races as well as other foreign races usually enrolled in a school.

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Holomua Elementary School Ethnicity By Race

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Enrollment Statistics

Holomua Elementary School Enrollment Statistics

Holomua Elementary School's Enrollment Statistics shows the no. of students enrolled in each year. Animated graph is used to easily determine how enrollment fluctuates every year.



Holomua Elementary School Facilities

Holomua Elementary School's facility report shows total number and shortage of classrooms if any. It also shows comprehensive condition of the facilities like building exterior, building interior, grounds, sanitation etc. through its Inspection rating.

School Facilities are considered inadequate if below 70%; marginal if between 70% and 99%; and in excess of state standard if above 100%. School population is placed into size categories and is used in formulas to determine State standards for space.

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Holomua Elementary School Facilities

Holomua Elementary School Inspection Rating

For each category:
1 = Unacceptable; 2 = Satisfactory; 3 = Very Good

For Total:
6-8 = Unacceptable;
9-15 = Satisfactory;
16-18 = Very Good

Holomua Elementary School Adequacy of School's Space Compared with State Standards

School facilities are considered inadequate if below 70%; marginal if between 70% and 99%; and in excess of state standard if above 100%. School population is placed into size categories and is used in formulas to determine State standards for space.

Attendance & Absences

Holomua Elementary School Attendance & Absences

Holomua Elementary School's Attendance & Absences shows the average daily attendance and average daily absences compared to the State Standard.

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Holomua Elementary School Retention

Holomua Elementary School's Retention is also included in this report where it shows the percent(%) of students retained in every school year.

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Holomua Elementary School Suspensions

Holomua Elementary School's Suspension report shows the number of students being suspended. Offenses are categorized into "Class" depending on the nature of violation committed. Class - D, for light violation and Class - A for grave offense.

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Examples of class of suspension:
Class A: Burglary, robbery, sale of dangerous drugs
Class B: Disorderly conduct, trespassing
Class C: Class cutting, insubordination, smoking
Class D: Contraband (e.g. possession of tobacco)

Certified Staff

Holomua Elementary School Certified Staff

Holomua Elementary School's Certified Staff report includes Teaching Staff, Professional Teacher Credentials, Students per Teaching Staff and Administrative and Student Services Staff. It gives details on teacher headcount, teacher in regular and special instruction, no. of teachers serving the school for more than 5 years, no. of fully licensed teachers, librarians and counsellors.

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Test Scores Statistics

Holomua Elementary School Test Scores Statistics

Holomua Elementary School's Test scores covers Hawaii Content and Performance Standards (HCPS) and SAT9/TerraNova. Scores are given based on the grade level and the no. of students tested in a given year.

Test Scores Summary | View School Year › | Grade Level ›

Test Scores History | View Test › | Grade Level ›



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