Kailua Elementary School

Kailua Elementary School (KES) was the first school in Kailua established back in the 1880's. We are located in the heart of Kailua town on the Windward side of O'ahu between the Koolau Mountains and Kailua Bay.

We serve a diverse economic and ethnic population. Kailua is a Schoolwide Title I school in which 56% of our students participate in our free or reduced meal program. Our multi-ethnic student body includes 38% Hawaiian/part Hawaiian and 24% Caucasian students. About 9% of our students are military dependents and 11% of our school population receives special education services.

Every child is supported through the Comprehension Students Support System (CSSS). KES provides additional services for students with special needs, such as Special Education (SPED), English for Second Language (ESLL), Primary School Adjustment Project (PSAP), and counseling.

Kailua Elementary participates in a researched based behavior program called Positive Action that teaches students to take responsibility for one's own actions and behaving in a positive manner. Students are recognized for making positive choices at quarterly assemblies.

KES has a Parent Community Networking Center (PCNC) that acts as a liaison between the school, parents and community. Military family support is also offered at our school. We are currently operating under the School Community Councils established in July 2005 where administrators, teachers, students, parents and community members review and evaluate our academic and financial plans.

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School Information

General Information

Address 315 Kuulei Road

City Kailua

Island Oahu

Zip 96734

Grade From K

Grade To Gr 6

Contact Person Lanelle Hibbs

Phone # 808 266-7878

Fax # 808 266-7882

Website http://kailuaonline.net/

Number of Teachers 40

Number of Students 369

District Name Windward

Complex Area Name Kailua-Kalaheo

Complex Name Kalaheo

School Code 308

School Name Short Kailua El

Military Impacted No

Map and Directions

News and Updates

News and Updates

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Kailua Elementary School Band



Kailua Elementary School CSAP (Comprehensive School Alienation Program)

Comprehensive School Alienation Program

Special Motivation Class
This alternative program is for students who have difficulty in the mainstream school environment due to academic, behavioral, social, and/or emotional problems. Students are scheduled into the CSAP program for one class period of the school day for instruction and counseling support services. CSAP eligibility is determined by Kailua High School's Screening Committee.

Off-Campus Alternative Education
Students may earn high school credits through the Employment Training Center and Hawaii Youth National Guard. These off-campus programs require students to meet specific eligibility criteria. See the CSAP Coordinator/Counselor in room F-23 for more information.

CSAP Work/study Credit
Designed to help students to stay in school, the work/study component of CSAP offers elective credit to qualifying students. One-half credit (.5) can be awarded for 60 hours of verified, paid employment.

Pregnant Teen Center
The Pregnant Teen Center provides (1) information and counseling for the general student population and (2) the Graduation-Reality And Dual-Role Skills (GRADS) curriculum for expectant girls, fathers-to-be, and parenting teen mothers and fathers. In the dual roles as students and parent, teens are encouraged to complete their high school education. The center provides educational assistance in prenatal/post natal care, labor/delivery, and parenting skills through the GRADS course. By developing academic, social, financial, community, career, and life goals, the program helps teens manage their roles and delay subsequent pregnancies.

Referral procedure: Parental/Guardian referrals and self-referrals can be made to counselors, CSAP staff, or PTC coordinator. Individualized programs meet students' needs, establish a family support system and provide links with community


Kailua Elementary School CTE (Career and Technical Education)

Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are designed to address the complexity of technology and the dynamic of life and work in a complex world. Most of the courses in this section were formerly included under Vocational- Technical Education. CTE now also encompasses Guidance courses. The objectives of career development and guidance instruction are to: (1) provide students with the information, understanding, activities and skills to make choices and decisions that facilitate their personal and social growth and adjustment and (2) provide information and skills to facilitate lifetime educational and career dev elopement and planning.

CTE is a distinct but integral component of a quality education system. While all education has vocational aspects, comprehensive career and technical education programs help students develop the technical, academic, employability, and life skills needed for post-secondary education and high skill careers. CTE programs help all students to understand their technological culture, enabling them to make rational decisions about their own lives and provide a positive contribution in the increasingly technological world.


Kailua Elementary School ESLL

Students who come from homes in which languages other than English are spoken may need to develop English language skills in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Based on the Identification, Assessment, and Programming System for Students of Limited English Proficiency, we offer English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) as semester electives that may be required in addition to the students' required English courses. Increased attention to English language instruction allows the students to function more effectively in an English-based learning environment.


Kailua Elementary School Fine Arts



Kailua Elementary School GT Program/AP courses



Kailua Elementary School Language Arts



Kailua Elementary School Leadership



Kailua Elementary School World Languages



Kailua Elementary School Special Education Program




Summary of Progress

Kailua Elementary School Summary of Progress

Kailua Elementary School's Summary of Progress Report shows how teaching, learning and assessments are being based and aligned to Hawaii State Standards and Benchmarks. It summarizes progress made in accomplishing school improvement goals.

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Student Profile

Kailua Elementary School Student Profile

Kailua Elementary School's Student Profile describes the school's Fall Enrollment, Number and Percent of students enrolled for the entire school year, Number and Percent of students receiving free or reduced-cost lunch, Number and Percent of students in Special Education programs, Number and Percent of students with Limited English Proficiency and Percent of Kindergarteners who attended Preschool.

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Ethnicity Statistics

Kailua Elementary School Ethnicity Statistics

Kailua Elementary School's Ethnicity report focuses on giving the number and percent of students enrolled by race. It describes the population of the 13 common races as well as other foreign races usually enrolled in a school.

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Kailua Elementary School Ethnicity By Race

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Enrollment Statistics

Kailua Elementary School Enrollment Statistics

Kailua Elementary School's Enrollment Statistics shows the no. of students enrolled in each year. Animated graph is used to easily determine how enrollment fluctuates every year.



Kailua Elementary School Facilities

Kailua Elementary School's facility report shows total number and shortage of classrooms if any. It also shows comprehensive condition of the facilities like building exterior, building interior, grounds, sanitation etc. through its Inspection rating.

School Facilities are considered inadequate if below 70%; marginal if between 70% and 99%; and in excess of state standard if above 100%. School population is placed into size categories and is used in formulas to determine State standards for space.

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Kailua Elementary School Facilities

Kailua Elementary School Inspection Rating

For each category:
1 = Unacceptable; 2 = Satisfactory; 3 = Very Good

For Total:
6-8 = Unacceptable;
9-15 = Satisfactory;
16-18 = Very Good

Kailua Elementary School Adequacy of School's Space Compared with State Standards

School facilities are considered inadequate if below 70%; marginal if between 70% and 99%; and in excess of state standard if above 100%. School population is placed into size categories and is used in formulas to determine State standards for space.

Attendance & Absences

Kailua Elementary School Attendance & Absences

Kailua Elementary School's Attendance & Absences shows the average daily attendance and average daily absences compared to the State Standard.

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Kailua Elementary School Retention

Kailua Elementary School's Retention is also included in this report where it shows the percent(%) of students retained in every school year.

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Kailua Elementary School Suspensions

Kailua Elementary School's Suspension report shows the number of students being suspended. Offenses are categorized into "Class" depending on the nature of violation committed. Class - D, for light violation and Class - A for grave offense.

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Examples of class of suspension:
Class A: Burglary, robbery, sale of dangerous drugs
Class B: Disorderly conduct, trespassing
Class C: Class cutting, insubordination, smoking
Class D: Contraband (e.g. possession of tobacco)

Certified Staff

Kailua Elementary School Certified Staff

Kailua Elementary School's Certified Staff report includes Teaching Staff, Professional Teacher Credentials, Students per Teaching Staff and Administrative and Student Services Staff. It gives details on teacher headcount, teacher in regular and special instruction, no. of teachers serving the school for more than 5 years, no. of fully licensed teachers, librarians and counsellors.

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Test Scores Statistics

Kailua Elementary School Test Scores Statistics

Kailua Elementary School's Test scores covers Hawaii Content and Performance Standards (HCPS) and SAT9/TerraNova. Scores are given based on the grade level and the no. of students tested in a given year.

Test Scores Summary | View School Year › | Grade Level ›

Test Scores History | View Test › | Grade Level ›



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