Pahoa Elementary School

Pahoa Elementary School is located in the Puna District on the island of Hawaii. The school services seven major subdivisions in a rapidly growing rural community. The area's economy is supported mainly by diversified agriculture and small businesses.

The school receives Title I and Reading First Grant federal funds which it utilizes to support Success For All, the schoolwide reading program. Title l also supports our schoolwide math program. The school's NCLB Federal Status is "In Good Standing- Unconditional". "The school met state benchmarks and made Adequate Yearly Progress in 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 to receive this rating.

The School/Community-Based Management (SCBM) Council was elected in 1993, and has been instrumental in pursuing school improvement efforts. In SY 2005-2006, due to Act 51, the school drafted bylaws and elected a School Community Council responsible for advising the school on its academic and financial plan.

Pahoa Elementary identified key areas of improvement and implementation in SY 2005-2206. The school continues to focus on areas of improvement that in includes: the new standards based report card and needed classroom grading systems, implementation of a web-based curriculum mapping (Tech Paths) and assessment program, development of intervention programs for students not meeting proficiency levels, and piloting the Junior Kindergarten. The school is also exploring opportunities to engage parents in meaningful conversations about shared values.

We have many challenges ahead, but our school's vision, Po'okela- Excellence For Everyone; hand in hand together we will provide quality standards-based education and guidance for ALL Pahoa Elementary students, ensures equal educational opportunities for all.

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School Information

General Information

Address 15-3030 Puna Road

City Pahoa

Island Hawaii

Zip 96778

Grade From K

Grade To Gr 6

Contact Person Marilyn Quaccia

Phone # 808 965-2141

Fax # 808 965-2180


Number of Teachers 25

Number of Students 394

District Name Hawaii

Complex Area Name Kau-Keaau-Pahoa

Complex Name Pahoa

School Code 381

School Name Short Pahoa El

Military Impacted No

Map and Directions

News and Updates

News and Updates

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Pahoa Elementary School Na Ali'I Program

NA ALI'I program is unique to Pahoa Elementary School. This non-academic program is designed to recognize and encourage positive behavior and leadership in students. The goal is to increase individual self-esteem and well being, thus improving the social environment at school and in the community.

Each month two children from every class are selected and rewarded for practicing the monthly value. The Na Ali'i program provides an opportunity for students, teachers and families to share the positive.


Pahoa Elementary School Tribes Program

"TRIBES" is a program used at Pahoa Elementary School to promote social skill development and cooperative learning. TRIBES is used in all classrooms on our campus. Through activities like "Community Circle" students learn and practice communication skills, active listening, appreciation and mutual respect. When children work well together increased academic learning can occur.

Tribes practices four main points:

Attentive listening
appreciation/no put downs
mutual respect
and the right to pass.



Summary of Progress

Pahoa Elementary School Summary of Progress

Pahoa Elementary School's Summary of Progress Report shows how teaching, learning and assessments are being based and aligned to Hawaii State Standards and Benchmarks. It summarizes progress made in accomplishing school improvement goals.

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Student Profile

Pahoa Elementary School Student Profile

Pahoa Elementary School's Student Profile describes the school's Fall Enrollment, Number and Percent of students enrolled for the entire school year, Number and Percent of students receiving free or reduced-cost lunch, Number and Percent of students in Special Education programs, Number and Percent of students with Limited English Proficiency and Percent of Kindergarteners who attended Preschool.

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Ethnicity Statistics

Pahoa Elementary School Ethnicity Statistics

Pahoa Elementary School's Ethnicity report focuses on giving the number and percent of students enrolled by race. It describes the population of the 13 common races as well as other foreign races usually enrolled in a school.

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Pahoa Elementary School Ethnicity By Race

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Enrollment Statistics

Pahoa Elementary School Enrollment Statistics

Pahoa Elementary School's Enrollment Statistics shows the no. of students enrolled in each year. Animated graph is used to easily determine how enrollment fluctuates every year.



Pahoa Elementary School Facilities

Pahoa Elementary School's facility report shows total number and shortage of classrooms if any. It also shows comprehensive condition of the facilities like building exterior, building interior, grounds, sanitation etc. through its Inspection rating.

School Facilities are considered inadequate if below 70%; marginal if between 70% and 99%; and in excess of state standard if above 100%. School population is placed into size categories and is used in formulas to determine State standards for space.

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Pahoa Elementary School Facilities

Pahoa Elementary School Inspection Rating

For each category:
1 = Unacceptable; 2 = Satisfactory; 3 = Very Good

For Total:
6-8 = Unacceptable;
9-15 = Satisfactory;
16-18 = Very Good

Pahoa Elementary School Adequacy of School's Space Compared with State Standards

School facilities are considered inadequate if below 70%; marginal if between 70% and 99%; and in excess of state standard if above 100%. School population is placed into size categories and is used in formulas to determine State standards for space.

Attendance & Absences

Pahoa Elementary School Attendance & Absences

Pahoa Elementary School's Attendance & Absences shows the average daily attendance and average daily absences compared to the State Standard.

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Pahoa Elementary School Retention

Pahoa Elementary School's Retention is also included in this report where it shows the percent(%) of students retained in every school year.

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Pahoa Elementary School Suspensions

Pahoa Elementary School's Suspension report shows the number of students being suspended. Offenses are categorized into "Class" depending on the nature of violation committed. Class - D, for light violation and Class - A for grave offense.

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Examples of class of suspension:
Class A: Burglary, robbery, sale of dangerous drugs
Class B: Disorderly conduct, trespassing
Class C: Class cutting, insubordination, smoking
Class D: Contraband (e.g. possession of tobacco)

Certified Staff

Pahoa Elementary School Certified Staff

Pahoa Elementary School's Certified Staff report includes Teaching Staff, Professional Teacher Credentials, Students per Teaching Staff and Administrative and Student Services Staff. It gives details on teacher headcount, teacher in regular and special instruction, no. of teachers serving the school for more than 5 years, no. of fully licensed teachers, librarians and counsellors.

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Test Scores Statistics

Pahoa Elementary School Test Scores Statistics

Pahoa Elementary School's Test scores covers Hawaii Content and Performance Standards (HCPS) and SAT9/TerraNova. Scores are given based on the grade level and the no. of students tested in a given year.

Test Scores Summary | View School Year › | Grade Level ›

Test Scores History | View Test › | Grade Level ›



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