HAWAII SCHOOL GUIDE contains information on over 800 public, private and preschools in Hawaii.

Who should be using this website?

Parents, students, teachers, school administrators or just about anyone looking for information about Hawaii schools can benefit from the Hawaii School Guide.

What makes the Hawaii School Guide different from other school listing websites?

Hawaii School Guide is different from other school listing websites because it is comprehensive and is focused on Hawaii schools alone. Hawaii School Guide works with the DOE, HAIS, private schools, preschools, PATCH and the Department of Human Services to keep information thorough and updated for the schools in the State of Hawaii.

How different is the Hawaii School Guide from the Hawaii DOE website?

The DOE website offers public school information for Hawaii Schools (under 300 schools). The Hawaii School Guide offers school information on public, private schools and preschools (as of May 2009 around 900 schools). The data that you find in Hawaii School Guide is in usable and easily readable formats. Users are able to customize their search and prioritize their search based on what is important to them. They are able to create charts comparing only the schools they are interested in on one list.

Hawaii School Guide is an additional resource in addition to the DOE website but does not guarantee that all information is accurate as some data may have changed within a school since

Hawaii School Guide's last post. However our team at Hawaii School Guide does its best to keep information updated and usable by being in touch with the schools and the DOE.

How does the Hawaii School Guide make Hawaii schools easily searchable online?

The Hawaii School Guide helps to make Hawaii's schools easily searchable online by working with each Hawaii school to have an online presence. Hawaii School Guide helps build mini websites for each school where information can be kept updated to be used as a resource for students and families.

How can Hawaii School Guide simplify school search?

Using the Hawaii School Guide, one does not need to go to several websites to search for information about public, private or preschools, which saves the user valuable time. The Hawaii School Guide is a one-stop-information portal for all Hawaii schools. Users prioritize and customize searches based on what is important to them and can create a comparison chart to see what makes up the school and compare them.

I'm a foreign student who would like to study in Hawaii; can I find visa information on Hawaii School Guide?

Schools will have individual requirements for admission which includes visa requirements for foreign students. That information could be found in Hawaii School Guide's admissions page/section.

What other information is available in the Hawaii School Guide that is not found in the DOE website or other school listing website?

The Hawaii School Guide offers not only school information but also other helpful information for new students and families on the island. For instance, Hawaii School Guide has a dedicated section for the Military which includes useful information on housing, exchanges and directories that will aid these families with their new life on the island. For people who would like to find out about teaching jobs or other career opportunities in Hawaii schools, the Hawaii School Guide has a Job Board section where they can browse jobs posted by the schools.

How different is the Hawaii School Guide from the HAIS website?

The Hawaii School Guide lists all public, private and preschools in the state of Hawaii. HAIS lists schools that are a HAIS member. Hawaii School Guide is an additional resource in addition to the HAIS website but does not guarantee that all information is accurate as some data may have changed within a school since Hawaii School Guide's last post. However our team at Hawaii School Guide does its best to keep information updated and usable by being in touch with the schools and HAIS.


Why should I register as Hawaii School Guide member?

As a parent or student registered with the Hawaii School guide you get comprehensive and updated information about Hawaii schools and a whole lot more. Registered users can easily save the schools they like on Hawaii School Guide's "My school list." This is perfect when you're scouting for a school. This feature allows one to create a compiled list of schools they have chosen and compare the information in an easy to see format. It also allows users to request additional information from each school such as brochures or other information. Registered users can also get updates to their emails and mobile devices.

How do I register as member?

Go to www.hawaiischoolguide.com and fill out the information completely under the Register tab on the home page. After registering, you will be asked to check your email for directions to confirm your email and registration. Once you log in with your username and password you will be considered a registered user for the future.

What should I do if I forget my password?

On the log in page, click on the, "forgot my password" button and you will be given step-by step instructions on how you can retrieve your password.

How do I change my password?

On the log in page, you can click on the change my password button and you will be presented a form to change and resubmit your password.

Is there a fee for parents or students who want to register online to Hawaii School Guide?

No, our online service is free of charge to all students, parents and individuals searching for schools in the State of Hawaii.

Can I change the primary email address I used in my initial registration?

Yes, you can change your email address by going to the log in page and clicking on the edit profile button.

What if I don't have an email address?

A member needs to have a valid email address to be able to register and receive news and information from Hawaii School Guide. You can create an email address from Yahoo, MSN, or Google at no charge for a basic account.

Is the log in information case sensitive?

Yes the log in information is case sensitive and you must use letters in the lowercase.


Where can I get assistance using this site?

If you cannot find the answer from the list of FAQs here, then you can email us using the Contact Us tab.

I am an administrator from a school and need help, where do I call if I need help?

You can call us at (808) 945-1000


What kind of schools will be listed in the Hawaii School Guide?

Hawaii School Guide will include public schools, private schools and preschools in the State of Hawaii. In addition, specialty schools, afterschool programs and summer school programs will also be listed.

Is there a cost for a school to be listed in Hawaii School Guide?

The basic inclusion of your school (public, private and preschool only) in our directory is free of charge. If your school would like premium features and exposure, there are paid memberships and packages to accommodate that. Please contact us regarding additional services and to learn more about Hawaii School Guide can help you.

I don't see our school in your directory. How do we get listed?

If your school is in the Hawaii DOE, a member of HAIS or a State of Hawaii licensed preschool; your school should already be listed. If your school is not listed, please contact us at 945-1000 and we would be happy to assist you.

How can we update our information on the site?

The Hawaii School Guide is built with its own user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) where schools can easily update and add information. Your school will need to contact us to obtain your login and password for the CMS.

What is a Content Management System?

A content management system is a computer application used to create, edit, manage, search and publish content to the Hawaii School Guide. Hawaii School Guide provides one central admin area where easy updates can be made that will be live in real time on both the main Hawaii School Guide site as well as a school's Hawaii School Guide's mini website.

How does Hawaii School Guide save my school time?

Hawaii School Guide provides a central admin where schools can login and change information and content that will update the main Hawaii School Guide site, school's mini website and any subscribers to features such as the calendar. Login, make your changes and everything gets updated at the same time automatically. Sure beats updating multiple sites and software.

What benefit does a school get by becoming a member?

Becoming a member school creates added exposure for the school and makes it easier for a school to be searched online.

What can be found in the mini-website?

Schools can customize their mini sites with their logos, school colors, etc. They can also post announcements and deadlines, recent photos and videos of activities in their school.

Can schools link their own websites to Hawaii School Guide?

Absolutely, you can link your own website to the Hawaii School Guide. Using the Hawaii School Guide you will be able to use our RSS feed so that one change or update on Hawaii School Guide's mini website and all of your websites will be updated with the new information.

How do we advertise career opportunities in our school?

Premium members of Hawaii School Guide can advertise job openings for free. If you're not yet a premium member and would like to become one, please contact us so we can give you a quote.

Do the DOE and HAIS know about the Hawaii School Guide initiative?

DOE and HAIS are fully aware of the Hawaii School Guide. Hawaii School Guide does its best to stay in close communication with all organizations that impact the state of Hawaii to work together to provide a valuable resource.

Will schools be evaluated or rated by users?

We want our users to look into the school's details rather than user ratings for comparison. We believe a school shouldn't be judged heavily or only on other's experiences. Each family's values vary and children's needs, interests and learning styles are different, thus looking at a school's program details will allow users to make an educated decision about a school for their child.

What data are you showing online?

The Hawaii School Guide database houses a comprehensive and wide range of data for public, private and preschools that extends from basic school information, requirements for admissions, program offerings, student and school performance ratings (for public schools) to jobs postings and articles and tips for parents. It has a military section that contains useful information for military families relocating to the islands.

Who controls the school info on Hawaii School Guide?

Each school controls the majority of the info on Hawaii School Guide. Annual data from the DOE is updated by the Hawaii School Guide staff. Individual school information is controlled and updated by each school.


How do we become a supporter of the Hawaii School guide?

Thank you for your interest. Please contact us at (808) 945-1000 to learn more about supporting the Hawaii School Guide.

How will people find HawaiiSchoolGuide.com?

Search Engines, Referrals (DOE, Military,), Social Networks (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, etc). We hope that Hawaii School Guide grows because its users are satisfied with the service it provides as a resource to the community.